Macintosh Darwin Related EPICS Information

Log Files of My Building of EPICS R7 on Darwin

(May.26.2023 for R7.0.7) (For R3.14 see R3.14 darwin information.)


Apple M1 867MHz, Darwin 21.6.0 (MacOS 12.6.6), Apple clang version 14.0.0, make-3.81, perl-5.30.3, tcsh-6.21 for R7.0.7
no Environmental variable defined other than EPICS_HOST_ARCH (and PATH) below

Source Files

download from and expand base-7.0.7.tar.gz

Readme for R7.0.7

Building base-7.0.7 for darwin-M1 (with clang compiler)

cd base-7.0.7/
set EPICS_BASE=`pwd`
setenv EPICS_HOST_ARCH `startup/EpicsHostArch`
make distclean make |& tee base-7.0.7-make-darwina64.txt (for R7.0.7)

Simple test

make runtests |& tee base-7.0.7-test-darwina64.txt (for R7.0.7)

IOC application test

cd $EPICS_BASE/.. ; mkdir app707 ; cd app707
$EPICS_BASE/bin/$EPICS_HOST_ARCH/ -t example myapp
$EPICS_BASE/bin/$EPICS_HOST_ARCH/ -i -t example myapp
Using target architecture darwin-aarch64 (only one available)
The following applications are available:
What application should the IOC(s) boot?
The default uses the IOC's name, even if not listed above.
Application name?

make | & tee app-7.0.7-make-darwina64.txt
cd iocBoot/iocmyapp/
chmod +x st.cmd
dbpr {pv_name}
(now you can access your pvs over network via channel access.)

Please note that I don't use it much yet.

Kazuro Furukawa <>, Mar.3.2004 - May.26.2023.
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