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Beast Alarm under CSS

Control System Studio (CSS) is an Eclipse-based collections of tools to operate large scale control systems. It was started at DESY, and it is now actively extended in the collaboration including SNS/ORNL and other international institutes.

Several different solutions have been employed in the past for operator interfaces in KEK. Some part of MEDM-based static displays can be replaced by CSS. Several other tools like data browsers, an alarm handler etc. may be replaced as well. Some other Python-based scripting programs may be replaced while Java language should be employed.

The Rich Client Platform (RCP) provided by Eclipse enables unified development and operation environment based on a common look-and-feel and shared control service libraries.

Please send your comments and questions to K.Furukawa.

CSS/KEK Download site.

CSS download site at KEK was prepared by Dr. K.Kasemir in June 2011. It was studies by K.Furukawa and T.Nakamura, then extended by T.Nakamoto of Cosylab in September 2011, February, August 2012, and June 2013, and by T.Michikawa in December 2014.

CSS/KEK Download site

CSS download site at KEK

Please choose your machine architecture. The package includes startup files for office or operational uses for each accelerator in KEK.

CSS/BOY Hands-on seminar, February 2012.

Mr. Nakamoto gave a series of hands-on seminars to beginners to CSS/BOY.

CSS/BOY hands-on seminar materials

CSS/BOY hands-on seminar, Feb. 08 [pdf]

CSS/BOY hands-on seminar, Feb. 15 [pdf]

CSS/BOY hands-on seminar (Script) [pdf]

CSS Tutorials on Installation and Programming, October-December 2011.

Mr. Nakamoto at Cosylab prepared a detailed tutorial how to download/install CSS at KEK. It supports Windows, MacOSX, and Linux in 32bit and 64bit modes with Linac, KEKB, PF-AR, PF, J-PARC configurations.

He also prepared a CSS plug-in programming primer.

CSS installation and download site at KEK (Japanese)

CSS installation tutorial [pdf] (updated on Sep.3.2012 for CSS 3.1.1)

( CSS installation tutorial [pdf] old version on Oct.28.2011 for CSS 3.0.0)

CSS (binary) installation is very simple. Please download one of those packages and double-click it. Some more details are provided in the tutorial. If you have any requests to improve the package, please ask us.

CSS building from source, and construction of download site [pdf] (internal, Aug.1.2013)

CSS source compilation is also straightforward. The document above describes some details. You may refer to the CSS main documents.

CSS plug-in programming (Japanese)

Tutorial seminar was held on Dec.15.2011. 10:00-15:00. Later, hands-on seminars were held on Jan.17,24.2012. 13:30-16:30. Materials are provided here.

CSS application development tutorial [powerpoint] [pdf]

CSS application development tutorial [word] [pdf] (internal until dec.2012)

7 people attended.

CSS Databrowser plug-in for KBlog (Japanese)

KBlog is an archiver which was developed even before the channel archiver, and it has been utilized throughout the KEKB project.

KBlog data browsing [word] [pdf]

CSS/BOY Tutorial, September 2011.

Mr. Onoki studied CSS/BOY further, and prepared simple but practical tutorial.

CSS/BOY tutorial materials

CSS tutorial description [pdf]

CSS tutorial materials [zip]

Download above zip file and import it into your CSS workspace.

CSS Seminars by Kay Kasemir, June-August 2011.

Dr. Kay Kasemir, one of the core developers of CSS, provided many presentations on CSS, and then we discussed based on them.

Control System Studio (CSS) Overview (Jul.22.2011)

Japanese and English announcements.

CSS Overview [powerpoint] [pdf]

22 people attended.

CSS presentation at J-PARC (Jul.12.2011)

CSS Overview [powerpoint]

CSS Plugin Development presentation (Jul.6.2011)

CSS Plug-in [word] [pdf]

12 people attended.

CSS BEAST (Alarm Handler) presentation (Jun.28.2011)

CSS Alarm Handling - BEAST [powerpoint] [pdf]

Opening CSS Application from Command Line [powerpoint] [pdf]

12 people attended.

Alarm Test and Analysis [pdf]

CSS introduction presentation (Jun.24.2011)

CSS introduction [powerpoint]
13 people attended.

CSS/BOY Tutorial, April 2011.

Mr. Okazaki studied CSS environment and one of its display manager CSS/BOY based on previous works, and prepared a tutorial. It was provided to the vacuum group at first, that was well accepted. Then it was presented on Jun.10.2011.
17 people attended.

CSS and CSS/BOY tutorial presentation

CSS tutorial [pdf] | [powerpoint]

Alarm Study, February 2011.

After the study by Prachi Chitnis, we ask Mr. Yumoto to study Alarm system (BEAST) with a help from Dr. K.Kasemir at SNS.

Alarm study presentation

BEAST (CSS Alarm Manager) Study [pdf] | [powerpoint]

BEAST Start up command example

Development environment presentation

CSS Development Environment Study [pdf] | [powerpoint]

CSS Study by Ms. P.Chitnis, February 2010.

As a possible candidate for the future console desktop environment for EPICS control system, we ask Ms. Prachi Chitnis to study Control System Studio (CSS) during her stay at KEK, with a help from Dr. M.Clausen at DESY.

Presentation and document

CSS Study [pdf] | [word]

CSS Tutorial [pdf] | [powerpoint]


CSS Web sites

CSS Original Site at DESY


CSS at SourceForge

CSS download site at KEK

CSS at Google Plus


Control System Studio - Integrated Operating, Configuration and Development [paper pdf], [slide pdf], M.R. Clausen et al., Proc of ICALEPCS2009, Kobe, Japan, Oct. 2009, pp.667-669, (THC002).

The Best Ever Alarm System Toolkit [paper pdf], [slide pdf], K.-U. Kasemir et al., Proc of ICALEPCS2009, Kobe, Japan, Oct. 2007, pp.46-48, (TUA001).

CSS - We didn't Invent It, We Made It Better [paper pdf], J. David Purcell et al., Proc of ICALEPCS2009, Kobe, Japan, Oct. 2007, pp.114-116, (TUP010).

Managing Alarms and (Log)Messages - the CSS Way [paper pdf], M.R. Clausen et al., Proc of ICALEPCS2009, Kobe, Japan, Oct. 2009, pp.125-127, (TUP017).

EPICS - Future Plans [paper pdf], [slide pdf], M.R. Clausen et al., Proc of ICALEPCS2007, Knoxville, USA, Oct. 2007, pp.728-730, (FOPA02).

Control System Studio Applications [paper pdf] [slide pdf], K.-U. Kasemir, Proc of ICALEPCS2007, Knoxville, USA, Oct. 2007, pp.692-694, (ROPB02).

Control System Studio (CSS) [paper pdf] [slide pdf], J. Hatje et al., Proc of ICALEPCS2007, Knoxville, USA, Oct. 2007, pp.37-39, (MOPB03).

EPICS Office [pdf], M. Clausen et al., Proc of ICALEPCS2005, Geneva, Switzerland, Oct. 2005, pp.-, (FR2.6-6O).


CSS training materials by K. Kasemir.

Development and Deployment of CSS, T. Nakamoto, at EPICS Collaboration Meeting Spring 2012, SLAC, USA, Apr. 2012.

Control System Studio (CSS) Workshop, 9 presentations at EPICS Collaboration Meeting Fall 2010, BNL, USA, Oct. 2010.

Training - Eclipse and Control System Studio, 3 training sessions at EPICS Collaboration Meeting Spring 2010, ITER, France, Jun. 2010.

Control System Studio, 9 presentations at EPICS Collaboration Meeting Spring 2010, ITER, France, Jun. 2010.

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