X-band Controls

Technical Documents

XTF Control Plan (Apr.2007)[PDF] .

Master Thesis of Taikan Suehara (2005)[PDF] (239pages, 24.7MB)
"Study of Discharge in X-band Acceleration Structure" .

Yokogawa DL7440/DL7480 Oscilloscope Users' Manual [PDF] (505pages, 8.7MB) .

Yokogawa DL7440/DL7480 Communication Users' Manual [PDF] (216pages, 2.7MB) .

Source Codes

DL7480 access code by Suehara .

VME access code by Suehara .

EPICS Pointers

[EPICS Basics]


My EPICS-Windows page .

My EPICS-Linux page.

My EPICS-MacOSX page.

Dr. Wang's test with EPICS on Windows in Oscilloscopes.

[Training etc.]

Training at USPAS2007.

Training at USPAS2003.

Other trainings.

Other documentation.

Old documentation.

Old but simple training I. II (simple but enough).

[Important Manuals] .

Application developer's guide.

Record reference manual [HTML]. [PDF].

Channel access reference manual.

[KEK Related]

Seminar at IHEP/Beijing.


Miscellaneous at Linac.

Linac Controls.

KEKB Control Internal. External.

PF Controls.

J-PARC Controls.

[Waveform related]

Simple command/library/tcl-command for Tektronix/TDS oscilloscopes (TDS/DPO3000-8000).

EPICS Generic Transient Recorder.

EPICS Support for tds3000.

EPICS Asynchronous Driver Support.

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