EPICS Seminar in Shanghai

Aug.28 - Sept.1, 2000

SSRC, Shanghai, China

  • Time Table
  • List of Participants [small photo(26K)] [large photo(108K)]
  • Documents used in the presentation/training
  • Design and Construction of an Accelertor Control System.
  • EPICS  Overview
  • EPICS manager task
  • High Level Application Development tools
  • CA Clients
  • Concept [click here for ppt version]
  • Configuration [click here for ppt version]
  • Writing CA Client [click here for ppt version]
  • Portable CA server [click here for ppt version]
  • IOC Application Development & Debugging [ ppt version is here]
  • Reocrd/Device/Driver support [ ppt version is here]
  • Channel Archiver