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The series of Workshops on Accelerator Operations brings together professionals involved in day-to-day operation of accelerators with the goal of sharing information. By learning how others address such topics as staffing, training, documentation, commissioning, safety and maintenance, attendees can improve the efficiency of their own operations.

The primary goal of the workshops is to bring together people who operate accelerators of all sizes and to help them exchange ideas about accelerator operation, performance, organization, maintenance, documentation, software, control room layout, remote operation, and safety among other topics. It also serves the accelerator operations community as a means to establish benchmarks by facilitating comparisons of methods, efficiencies, costs, reliability, beam quality and other performance measures. This has best been accomplished with a workshop style atmosphere. The scheduled talks and discussion periods, along with the opportunity for further discussion at breaks and meals allow for interpersonal communications not commonly found at conferences. In addition specialized requirements for labs with similar accelerators and function can be discussed without formal talks.

Upcoming Workshop

The 13th international Workshop on Accelerator Operations will be held in Tsukuba, Japan, September 11 – 15, 2023.

Registration details forthcoming.

Past Workshops

WAO 1996
1996 - JLab
WAO 1998
1998 - TRIUMF
WAO 2001
2001 - CERN
WAO 2003
2003 - GUAS KEK
WAO 2005
2005 - FNAL
WAO 2007
2007 - ELETTRA
WAO 2010
2010 - KAERI
WAO 2012
2012 - SLAC
WAO 2014
2014 - Germany
WAO 2016
2016 - China
WAO 2018
2018 - BNL
WAO 2021
2021 - Spain