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Simultaneous Injection Project

High-current Low-emittance RF-gun Project

Two-bunch Acceleration Project

C-Band High-gradient Project

Continuous Injection Project

Linac Orbit Display Archives:

Recent Orbit Displays KEKB e+,   KEKB e+ 2-bunches,   KEKB e-,   PF e-,   PFAR e-

KEKB Screen Shots of Operation Panels

KEKB Injection History

KEKB One-day Operation Summary

KEKB 2-Hour Operation Summary

KEKB 3-Hour Operation Summary for Docomo i-Mode or J-Phone J-Sky

KEKB Bunch-by-bunch Luminosity [View1] [View2] [Original bucket view] [Original time view]

Linac and BT Wire Scanner Log

B and C sectors:   1st e- bunch,   2nd e- bunch,   1st e+ bunch,   2nd e+ bunch
5 sector and BT:   1st e- bunch,   2nd e- bunch,   1st e+ bunch,   2nd e+ bunch

KEKB Ring Utility Info

KEKB Ring Cooling Water Temperature,   KEKB Ring Tunnel Temperature

KEKB Linac/Ring Commissioning Mail Archive

LCG Daily News are acumulated in Linac (1997-2000) and Linac-Update (2000-) Mail Archives

Members and e-Mail lists

Shift Tables

Commissioning Report 1997 (34 Pages)

Other Reports of Commissioning, and Other Reports of Linac

PTEP (Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics) issue for KEKB Accelerator in 2013

NIM A (Nuclear Insttruments and Methods in Physics Research) issue for KEKB Accelerator in 2003

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